You’re busy…we can help.

Keep Your Resume/Bio Updated, Opportunity Will Follow

Do a semi-annual call with your Sidestarter Guide who will update your resume and bio on your behalf, so you’re ready at a second’s notice as opportunity strikes (or an incredible company or recruiter looks you up on LinkedIn and sees your most up to date accomplishments). By positioning yourself in the most valuable ways given your strengths, industry trends and upside potential, it is also a great way to maximize your earnings potential at your current job by being ready to ask for a raise or promotion and having the data and knowledge to do so. Keeping your resume/bio up to date twice a year is the single best way to capitalize on professional opportunities and increase your earnings potential at your current job, future jobs, and other types of professional opportunities that might present themselves…and you’ll be ready.  

Create & Update a Personal Web Site Aligned With Your Long-Term Goals

What do YOU want to achieve long-term? Do you own and what’s on it? Why let LinkedIn funnel you into their format when you can take control of what you want? We can create a custom web site on your behalf and keep it updated for you in quarterly calls with your Sidestarter Guide in a way that aligns with your long-term professional goals. 

Create a Professional Brand for Yourself Via Social Media

You have a brand online whether you realize it or not. Why not take control of it and start creating content and making social media posts that align with your long term professional strategy and create interesting introductions and opportunities for you. In one quarterly call with a Sidestarter Guide, we can help create a content plan, do all the posts, manage comments and create a strategy that elevates your professional brand online.

Your “Someday Creative Project” Plan Starts Today

Want to write a book? Create a non-profit? Take quarterly brainstorming offsites? Deep-dive on a topic and become an expert or try and find a solution? Let your Sidestarter Guide break it down into an actionable plan and move it forward with you in quarterly increments during your quarterly progress calls, the single best way we’ve found to move forward “that thing you’ve always wanted to do.”